5 Things to Ask Before Creating Social Media Marketing Strategies In Year 2019

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Nowadays, you can see that most of the companies are pretty active on social media and the companies which are not popular on social media trying their best to enhance their reach. However, without having the proper social media strategies, it would be tough for them to gain better results from social media marketing.

If you would like to gain better for your business through social media marketing, then you might need to find the answers of the following questions:

Why do you want to have your brand on social media?

The answer to this question is related to your goals on social media platform. Having a brand name on the social media channel helps you to get better exposure for your business. As people would get more aware of your brand, it would also help you to drive traffic to your business site. While you need to make sure that you can generate potential leads and try to convert those leads to gain more ROI for your business.

As you would grow your reach on social media, you would get more engagement for your brand. You can also start own community with social media where you can converse with your customers and followers. That way, you can also provide customer service for your audience.

Who is Your Target Audience?

The next thing you need to figure out is about your target audience. Based on the user requirement of the product, you can easily define certain categories for targeting your niche based marketing. You can define your audience based on the different age groups, likes and dislikes, and various other demographics as well. While you can also make use of social media tools to ease up your task.


What are you going to share?

People would like to share their photos, videos and their texts on social media. But when you are going to share your content for marketing purpose, you need to have a perfect theme image of your brand. Your theme should make your brand recognizable on social media.

Where you are going to share your content?

Now you need to opt for the platform on which you can share adverts of your brand to gain a more engaging audience on your business site. As you may know that Instagram is considered as the best platform for marketing purpose. While you don’t want to forget about Facebook also which has the highest number of users compared to other social media.


However, if you want to have a good presence of your brand on social media, then you need to be more competitive and try to be active in most of the popular social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

When are you going to share?

To get better engagement on your post, you need to be consistent on social media. Also, one more thing, that you need to post your ads when most of your viewers are active on social media. In case, you can also make use of tools to schedule your posts so that you would be able to get more views on your content.

These are the things which you need to ask before creating your social media marketing strategies.